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‘You send me’ by Iria Vrettou March 7th at 42 Walker st, Tribeca NYC

Greece in USA is pleased to announce the presentation of “You Send Me” by Iria Vrettou that will take place in the context of Portraits of the Collaborative-self (the reinvention of portraiture), a solo exhibition of works by  Bill Hayward. Installed across the first floor of 42 Walker St, Hayward’s exhibition attempts to challenge the notion of photographic portraiture.

‘You send me’ is a project created by Iria Vrettou (animator) and Andrew Stephens (musician) in response to the exhibition title “outraged by pleasure” by Nadja Argyropoulou. The piece draws from the queer revolutionary history of jazz, the blues queens and explores jazz as an experience of exteriorization inspired by the works of Fred Moten. The three hand drawn animated loops are comprised of hundreds of drawings each. They explore the evolutionary origins of dancing as a primordial language and pleasure as a revolutionary act. They are conceived, and unfolding, as a world of many worlds, a (queer) oddkin. In collaboration with dancers Adonis Vais and Anastasia Delta the creatures come to life through the original music written and performed by Andrew Stephens in collaboration with Ben Goldberg, Georgia Heers and Jayla Chee.



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