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Fulbright Fellow Stella Kapezanou in dialogue with Black American artist Kate Turner


Professor Tressa Berman, member of the advisory board of Greece in USA, instigated a dialogue in Santa Fe between Black-American artist Kate Turner and Fulbright Fellow Stella Kapezanou and is curating a show with the two artists on behalf of Greece in USA under the Auspices of the Greek Ministry of Culture on Friday, March 29th 6-8pm  at the non – profit venue “Opening Gallery” in Tribeca.

Tressa Berman was introduced to Mrs Stella Kapezanou on Mrs Kapezanou’s Fulbright fellowship at the Santa Fe Art Institute’s International Thematic Residency Program in New Mexico, USA. In Santa Fe, Mrs Kapezanou is exploring the concept of Sovereignty as a power emanating from the female body, further developing the research that characterizes her recent paintings around issues of gender, bodily autonomy, and self-determination.

 [Photo Credit: Norberto Zamudio]


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