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Zouroudis Dimitris

Dimitris Zouroudis was born in Piraeus. He studied at A.S.F.A. He lives and works in Athens and Thessaloniki. He teaches painting at the School of Visual and Applied Arts at Aristotle University. His work is presented in thematic categories and being exhibited as installations. As means of expression, he uses traditional techniques, randomly found objects, digitally processed images and videos, which he combines with the manual practice of embroidery, trying to discuss matters of contemporary art. His compositions focus on the exploration of acts with ideological backgrounds and on matters of religious fanaticism. The correlation of the used communicative symbols produces messages that pursue the awareness of the viewer. His works can be found in public and private collections.

Selected solo exhibitions and public installations:

2016: Βoat on the coast, Fethiye Mosque, Naupaktos, 2015: Revolutio Nervosa, Agathi Art Gallery, Athens, 2014: Theosis and Terror, Art Center, Municipality of Athens, Athens, 2013: Et Factus est Sanguis, Art Stage Choros 18, Thessaloniki, Gallery Agathi. Athens, 2009: Laboremus, Gallery 7, Athens, 2005: Russian without a tutor, Gallery 7, Athens, 2003: Big commotion Wonderful situation, Gallery 7, Athens, 2001: Confession, Gallery 7, Athens, 1998: Faith Guard, Gallery 7, Athens,1996: Raw War, “Happy Gallery, Students Cultural Center, Belgrade, Angelus Secundus, Gallery Pleiades, Athens, 1995: Communication and Codes, Gallery Agathi, Athens, 1994: Visual Communication, Amstel bridge, Kifisos River.

Selected group exhibitions and public installations: 

2020: Theorimata ΙΙ – On History, EMST, Athens, 2020: Visual and Materialized Perception, Municipal Art Gallery of Piraeus, 2019: “7th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art, MOMus – Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, 2019: “Lands of creation, a tribute to Metsovo”, Averoff Museum, Metsovo, 2019: “Art plannings before materialisation. Thessaloniki – Rhodes, cultural bridges”, Inn of France, Rhodes, 2019: DE DIFFERENTIA. Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, Athens, 2018: Democracy. Exhibition with works by contemporary Greek artists, Heptapyrgion, Thessaloniki 2017: The Memory of Revolution. Contemporary Greek Artists – 100 years after the October Revolution, Moni Lazariston, Thessaloniki, “Nikos Kessanlis” Exhibition Hall of ASFA, Athens, G. I. Katsigras Museum, Larissa 2016: Αpologetics to Aristotle, Athens Music Megaron Athens, Lord Byron and Mesologgi, Gallery Moschandreou 2015: Art and Politics, LOFT, Athens, 2015: “Professors of Fine Art School” State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, 2014: Art-Athina Statement made!, 2013: 4th Biennale of Contemporary Art Thessaloniki, 2013: Re-Art. Re-cycle Project, Goethe-Institut Thessaloniki, 2013: 23rd International Philosophy Conference, Athens, 2011: Woven, The Art Foundation, Athens, 2009: OPA – International Performance Festival, Art Athina 2009, Athens,  2006: Anatomy of a Dream, Kalfayan Galleries, Athens, 2005: Napping, the bloom of blossoms, Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens, 2005: Almost alike, Benaki Museum, Athens, 2004: Berlin 1936, The Apple Gallery, Athens, First International Biennale for the Artist’s Book, Library of Alexandria, Egypt, 2003: Remembering – Repressing – Forgetting, Biennale Interactiva ’03, Yucatan, Mexico, 2003: Che Guevara’s Death, State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, 2002: Deleting Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday, Averof Gallery, Metsovo and Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, 2001: De-globalizing / Re-globalizing, “littleMUSEUM”, Athens, Sofia, Belgrade, Maribor, Osnabruek, Frankfurt, 2001: Glossalgia, Hellenic American Union, Αthens, 1994: 600 Issues ANTI, Cultural Center Melina Merkouri, Athens.

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