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Vereli Eugenia

Eugenia Vereli is a Greek artist who lives and works in Athens, Greece. Her work can be seen as a series of stories which unfold so as to provide a narrative of how things are, not how they present themselves to be, thereby capturing simple truths of society presented through a prism of traditional folklore elements. Visual references of high-end fashion, snapshots of the veiled simplicity of everyday life, images from the past or images purely derived from the imaginary – these all come together in a magnificent way to tell the tall tale of the ‘first impression’ and how that is, in fact, the concealed reality each one thing holds within itself. Deeply concerned with issues of identity and self-identification, gender, social status and sexuality, Eugenia challenges the position one holds in relation to freedom of self-expression, and expression in the context of freedom of criticism and engagement from afar, liberated from the peer pressure of involvement in a social entourage. Her creative attempts do not come from indifference, but rather stem from a personal quest from freedom of perception. The artist’s visual delicacy yet intense manner of narration is innate, and evident, in her storytelling. From her ceramic vase creations of great proportions to rough crayon and marker sketches alongside attentive pencil drawings, Eugenia portrays her ability to maintain a unique balance between the refined, and the vulgar. Ceramics, though a conservative approach to some, acts as a rendition of ancient Greek artefacts that portray traditional scenes, closely connected to subjective provocative depictions. In a universe where myths and battles interact with contemporary society as a commentary, pleasures and imperfections are not hidden.

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