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Susin Juli

Juli Susin (B. Moscow) was educated at Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts de Paris (National Superior School of Fine Arts in Paris) (1986-1991). His work questions the situation of the human being in an unstable ecosystem, dominated by the unacknowledgement of technical productions, the contingencies of emigration, the permeability between the psychic and physical worlds. After leaving Moscow, Juli Susin moved to Berlin and then to Paris and Montreuil. Since the late eighties he has initiated a network of collaborations with artist friends, who were later brought together in 2011 under the name of Royal Book Lodge. Since 2005, Juli Susin has been working between Montreuil (Paris), Albisola (Northern Italy) in the ceramic workshop founded by Ivos Pacetti, and Asuncion, (Paraguay).  The film “Les Mutants du Brouillard” (“The Fog Mutants”), takes its title from a science fiction novel by Strougatsky brothers which takes place in a nameless city, in an indefinite country, where the rain never ceases, and where the people suffer from a strange indefinable disease, and the children become superhuman geniuses scorning the corrupted human world. The film records intermediate states of the mutating monsters from a childlike and prophetic point of view. The 3 drawings belong to a series of drawings created during confinement in Paris (Montreuil) between March and the end of June. 

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