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Ragusini Irene

Irene Ragusini was born in lake Garda, Italy, and grew up in Athens, Greece. She is a graduate of both the Bachelor’s and the Master’s in Fine Arts program of the Athens School of Fine Arts, she obtained a Master’s in Visual Arts from the LUCA School of Arts, in Belgium, and she has completed a training focusing on Artist’s Books, at Grafikskolan in Stockholm. She also works as a professional dancer and since October ‘20 she created her own artist-run space in Koukaki (ATH), the KOREN process space. Her practice is mainly focused on matters such as identity, belonging and the movement of people, as well as materials, within the world. Her works have been presented in the form of drawings, prints, artists books, analog photographs, sculptures and installations with the latest being receptacles, teleological performative equipment, and memory-filtered representations of objects. They are characterized by diverse materiality, bodily quality and a layering of narratives emerging from the material itself, as well as from personal or collective histories. For her latest projects, she has been utilising travelling as a slow performative action which generates the narrative context, as well as the ‘chaîne opératoire’ for the creation of the actual works.

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