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Provatidou Marina

Marina Provatidou is a printmaker, painter, poet, video artist, performer. Marina Provatidou was born in Thessaloniki in 1978. She lives and works in Eindhoven for the last four years. She holds a Master in audiovisual and motion graphics in the Photography department and Applied Arts. Her art practice is multidisciplinary, considered mainly conceptual and includes contemporary printmaking expression, video projections, in situ -installations, performance, photography and poetry. She explores and develops new knowledge between art- biography, history and personal experiences. She also explores imaginative fields. Her work is about feminism and migration. Causes and effects of the latter often appear on her artwork, as her grandparents were forced to move from the Black Sea area (Pontos)  to Greece. Her work has been presented in group and 6 solo exhibitions in  National Bank of GreeceCultural Foundation Thessaloniki and Athens, Van Abbe Museum The Netherlands, Van Abbe House Eindhoven, wall space Eindhoven, ROC National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Biennial Douro Portugal, Art Theater London/ Greek film Festival, Japanese Embassy in Greece, Washi-no-Sato, Tokyo, Japan Metropolitan Museum, Tokyo, Winter Olympic games China, Municipality in Corfu.

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