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Piperidou Hara

Hara Piperidou is a Greek multidisciplinary visual artist, whose main means are painting, drawing and sculpture. Her visual art raises issues, which on the one hand, concern human relations and on the other, related to sociopolitical. She resorts to philosophical-political concepts (such as mechanisms of power, control, violence, pain, pleasure, sex, transgression) that explicitly or implicitly organize her works. The human body is the guiding thread of all her work, since all forms of exercise of power (identity, gender, language) are inscribed on it, but also because it is the locus, where the forces of resistance and re-subjectification are produced. She also, focuses on the correlation of space and body, image and sound, empty and complete, absence and presence; she embraces an expanded visual-acoustic vocabulary, which aims at inscribing events defined by the natural pulse, the flow of life, the escape lines from the visual forms of painting and the linear trajectories of speech.
Overall, she works for the general release of symbolic forces that concern our social body and aims to produce new forms of physicality and coexistence. In a poetic light, attempts to create images that activate the senses, as well as the mental function. She graduated with honors from the MFA  program of the Athens School of Fine Arts, where she mainly studied Theory, Art Criticism and Philosophy of Art (2009-2011) and with first-class honors (Oath Speech) from the School of Fine Arts (Department of Painting) of Aristotle University, where she studied painting and sculpture (2003-2008). She has attended seminars of Philosophy (Panteion University, Royal College of Art, New York University, University Paris 8). She also studied Interior Design (CITH 2000-2003) and Economics (AUEB 1996-2000). She has had solo’s shows and has participated in Biennales, workshops and numerous group exhibitions at museums, galleries and institutes [Immersive gallery (Brooklyn), National Gallery of Arts (Tirana, Albania), Varna Library (Varna, Bulgaria), SMCA , CACT, MMCA, Knoll Gallery (Vienna, Austria), House of Cyprus (Athens), HAU (Athens), Museum of Contemporary Art (Crete), Athens Concert Hall (Athens), Museum Chatzimichali (Athens), Zappeion Megaron (Athens) etc], in Greece, Europe and the United States (New York, London, Vienna, Berlin, Tirana, Varna, Denizli). She has presented her last solo show at Thames Side Studios (London, 2016). She was awarded  the first Prize in Painting (2008) from the Institution Konstantinos Andreou in Athens, as well as with distinctions from the State Scholarship Foundation of Greece. She worked as studio assistant and visiting speaker in Athens School of Fine Arts. She has  given lectures related to the Human Body and the Biopolitics (ASFA, R.C.A. , I.C.A. , N.Y.U.). She also presents  the seminar “Skin –  In And Between Two Worlds” [(2017-2020), “Body in Contemporary Art” (2014-2017)] at the Benaki Museum (Pireos st. building). She curated the “Birth of Coexistence” at the Hellenic American Union in Athens (2016). She has taught theory of Art and Form Drawing: Human Anatomy at the Mod’ Art International (2015-2019). Some of her works are included in private and public collections. She lives and works in Athens and London.

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