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Papadopetrakis Euripides

Euripides Papadopetrakis (1988) is a visual artist based in Athens. He pursued his Bachelor’s and Master’s in Fine Arts at the Athens School of Fine Arts where he studied painting, printmaking, typography and artist books. He has also attended several workshops and seminars related to artistic bookbinding and has been awarded in printmaking and bookbinding competitions. His work focuses on printing methods, figurative painting and the construction of hyper-realistic sculptural props. His research and references are directly related to science, both from an aesthetic point of view and as a commentary through a paradoxical visual thinking, based on the dialogue between the logical and metaphysical. He has participated in numerous exhibitions in Greece and abroad and he has collaborated with various organizations, such as the Onassis Cultural Centre. He is a co-founder of Driokolaptis project (2017), and the artist-run space KOREN process space (2020).

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