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Mouzakitou Frini

 Frini Mouzakitou was born in 1964 in Athens. She graduated from Athens School of Fine Arts in 1987 and she received an MA from the Royal College of Art in London in 1991. Frini Mouzakitou is an associate professor at the faculty of Interior Architecture, she has been teaching Art, since 2001. Her work has been exhibited in solo shows and group shows in Greece and Europe. 

Solo shows in galleries and public spaces include: Non est potestas super terram quae compareteur ei, Tounta CAC, Athens, 2018, The Athénée Project, Arsakeion Arcade, Athens 2017/ Transformations, Municipal Gallery of Syros 2012/ Image Factory, Municipal Gallery of Corinth 2010/ Chairs Tounta CAC, Athens, 2009/ Free Breeding I, Tounta CAC, Athens, 1999/ Free Breeding II, Coutts Bank (in collaboration with the Coutts Foundation), Monako, 1999/ Wine and Spirit, at the Oinopnevmata, (in collaboration with the Ileana Tounta CAC), Athens, 1997/ Aquarium, Ileana Tounta CAC, Athens, 1995.  Frini Mouzakitou’s work can be found in the permanent collection of the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary art, the Coutts Bank collection, the collection of the National Bank of Greece, the Dimitris Daskalopoulos collection, the Haris David collection the Gr. Papadimitriou collection, the Athens Intercontinental collection. She is the writer of the book “Form/ the visual language in contemporary design” Odysseas publications, 2004

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