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Kliafa Peggy

Peggy Kliafa lives and works in Athens, Greece. She is a multidisciplinary visual artist dealing mainly with subjects connected to Medicine, Treatment and Healing of the body and soul. She graduated from the Athens School of Fine Arts (2011/ 2012) with a Degree in Painting and major in Sculpture as well as from the Athens University of Economics and Business/ASOEE (1990) with a Degree in Business Administration & Marketing. She has participated in many group exhibitions and Art Fairs in Greece and abroad, such as: EMST (National Museum of Contemporary Art), Athens, 2017 (during Documenta 14), Combat Breathing  /  6th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art, Imagined Homes, 2017  /  Removement Athens 2017, Supported by  /  Makrideio Theatre, Paphos, Avlaia, Cyprus, 2017  /  Salone degli Incanti, Imago Mundi Benneton Collections, Join the Dots, Trieste, 2018  /  IFAC Arts @ The Yard, NYC, The Fourth Stage,…, 2018  /  Macedonian and State Museums of Contemporary art– permanent collections, Symphony in 20 parts, Thessaloniki, 2018  /  J. Atanas of Forum, Symbiartic,…, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2018  /  Athens Concert Hall, UN/FASHION, 2019  /  Cyprus Embassy, BEYOND SCIENCE…, Athens, 2019  /  4th Mykonos Biennale, “Apathia”, 2019  /  E. Averoff Museum, “Lands of Creation”, Metsovo, 2019  /  Art Athina 2013, 2015, 2018 and Beirut Art Fair 2015 She has had two solo exhibitions: the exhibition “Pharmakon” in Kappatos Gallery, Athens in 2013/2014 and “Placebo” in Lola Nikolaou Gallery, Thessaloniki, in 2016. She has also had two 3-person shows: in the E. Averoff Museum, Metsovo, in 2017 with artists M. Katzourakis, V. Gerodimos and in Lola Nikolaou Gallery with artists/artworks of Prof. G. Lappas and Prof. Aphrodite Liti.

Her works have been acquired by public collections in Greece as well as Foundations and private collections in Greece and abroad. More at:

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