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Karakostanoglou Nikomachi

Nikomachi was born and raised in Athens. She studied Business Administration at the Athens University of Economics and Business. She pursued her studies in London where she attended the B.A. in Public Art at the Chelsea School of Art and the B.A. (Hons) in Fine Art: Sculpture at the Wimbledon School of Art. In 2011 she departed for Shanghai where she studied Chinese calligraphy through which she explores new forms of capturing water and transparency. Since her return from Shanghai, she works exclusively on her drawings, challenging herself with the scale of her artworks and with the materials she has been collecting during her journeys in Asia. In 2019 she attended an art residency at the desert of Atacama in Chile. For Nikomachi notions like light, movement, and silence constitute the main inspiration of her artworks. She expresses herself through light or rather in light. She seeks both outer and inner light and travels to see mental or moral light, trying to elevate her work through the light of the spirit. Nikomachi’s work floats or hovers over the underlying layers of colour. There is a luminosity to her art pieces that come from using colours of similar value in different saturations. The light of the art pieces invites the viewer into the space and the timeless abstraction becomes more about light, space and the divine.

Exhibitions: March 2018 Confronting Maximalism Martinos Gallery Solo exhibition & Curation June 2019 Forthcoming II Space 52 Group exhibition, December 2019 Atacama IsnotGallery Solo exhibition, January 2020 Someone else’s nostalgia Crux Gallery Group exhibition, April 2020 Counting approx 1,5 m Online group exhibition, July 2020 Sunsculptures Mirko Mayer Gallery Group exhibition, July 2020 Summer Breeze Group exhibition, November 2020 State of mind. State of being Mirko Mayer Gallery (Cologne) Duo exhibition February 2021 A Narrative on nature Otomys Contemporary Online exhibition 

Works in Collections: Bioiatriki Medical Group Collection, Grand Hyatt Athens Collection 

Residencies: October 2020 Atacama Desert

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