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Chatzipavlidou Despina & Mouriadou Anthi

Despina Chatzipavlidou lives in Athens and works as actress, director, and choreographer. Her work extends on different fields which initially appear unconnected. Starting from the queer scene to sexuality and gender themes and from the practice and teaching Somatics to the disciplines of contact improvisation and authentic movement. With her work she aims to the expression of personal freedom, grounding – consciously and without limits – in the body any other mental or spiritual impulse that arises during the creative process. She is a basic member of theatrical and visual arts performance group “Nova Melancholia.” Some works are: “The Dead Man” (ΟCC-Athens, 2016), “The Age of Innocence” (OCC-Athens, 2017) and “Maritime Hot Baths” (Athens Festival, 2017). She has worked in cinema and recently starred in Vassilis Noula’s film “The lair,” (Thessaloniki International Film Festival, 2019). Her latest personal work includes: “An enclosed place of dreaming” an open space collective performance (Pnyx 2019), “Clockwise, without her physical presence” performance, (Art Athina 2019, curated by Sozita Goundouna) and “Gold” performance in Hara Piperidou’s Contemporary Art Seminar “Skin” (Benaki Museum, 2019).

Anthi Mouriadou is a digital media designer and Contact Improvisation practitioner, based in Athens. She holds an MSc in Design and Digital Media, obtained from the University of Edinburgh and also has an academic background in Social Sciences (Sociology degree by the University of Crete). Her work is focused on website and applications design, graphics, visuals and video editing. Anthi participated in the open space performance “An Enclosed Place of Dreaming” (Pnyx, June 2019) and she is a member of the collective and ongoing project “On the Hill” (2019 – Nov. 2020). 

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