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Bourgoin Veronique

Véronique Bourgoin, born in Marseille, lives and works between Paris (Montreuil), Marseille and Italy. Education: École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris (National Superior School of Fine Arts in Paris) (1986- 1991). Véronique Bourgoin works  with different mediums in painting, ceramics and photography, installations, videos, performances, and artist editions. In her work,        Bourgoin examines the construction of “contemporary paradises”. She is interested          in the “baths   of elements” – physical, chemical and psychological – which give rise to the transformational        effects of vision and imagination,      and in  particular, the spectacular effects which       can      have unspectacular backdrops. My work uses historical patterns from the arts and crafts made by women in various time periods and global regions. Véronique has been awarded three times the “Culture 2000” grant from the European Commission, notably for the project “EU Women” (2007) and “True or False” (2010_2013). She is a partner since the beginning of the project Royal Book Lodge:

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