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Antonakis is a Greek artist working with painting, photography, video and ceramics to explore the notion of myth – how does one build a myth, how does it survive in time and how does its meaning change. He extracts interior and psychological spaces from TV series and movies and uses them to create new spaces through abstraction, distortion and a unique visual language referencing Greek modernism. He’s interested in observing what one absorbs without realizing, what sort of images enter living rooms via the screen and how these are stored in the memory of the viewer and the collective consciousness. He does not want to create exact depictions but models of remembrances that question how the passing of time changes the meaning of something proving that what was once considered trashy can gain generation-defining status. It is not just time that has the power to do this but also Antonakis’ way of working: by taking what we know is trashy and by elevating it to another level he fast-forwards the myth-making process enabling the viewer a glimpse into how future generations might see current TV series and movies. By exploring what a myth is, he participates in the myth building process himself. He has presented his work in solo and group exhibitions worldwide and worked as a curator for residency programs such as Snehta Residency. He curated a variety of group shows for platforms such as RemapKM and Glasgow International and collaborated with Museums such as the Museum of Cycladic Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete. He is also a contributor to magazines such as Flaneur and Sofa (Berlin). He lives and works in Athens.

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