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Abdelkader Benchamma

Born in 1975 in Mazamet (France), Abdelkader Benchamma lives and works in Paris and Montpellier. Benchamma chooses to work in a sole medium: drawings. He adopts different approaches to the drawing process, sometimes moving across a sheet of paper with the meticulous strokes of an engraver, sometimes spreading over a wall with lavish gestures that appropriate the space. The matter escapes from the frame in a form of organic growth. Inspired by literature, philosophy, astrophysics and esoteric reflections, his works create visual scenarios. Through the recurring medium of black and white murals, chosen for their simplicity and graphic power, Abdelkader Benchamma has developed a language which causes viewers to doubt their perception of reality, immersing them in unstable and dynamic universes. From enveloping moving matter at the New York Drawing Center (2015-2016) to a cave animated by a furious circular vortex for the Sharjah Biennale (2017),  a fossilised Big Bang covering the floor of the Collège des Bernadins, Paris (2018), and a rocky and ghosty landscape at The Pola Museum of Art, Hakone (2019), his somewhat metaphysical installations question our relationship with the intangible, the infinite, the invisible.

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